Moisture balance – moisture meter – moisture tester

ULTRA X – instruments you will find in almost all fields!
Raw material exploitation – production – processing – storage –trade – research – recycling – monitoring

In addition to the standard device, the ULTRA X 3011, we also provide special ULTRA X moisture tester models for different requirements tailored to meet specific individual demands. These mainly include the following tried-and-tested devices:

  • ULTRA X 3031 for testing gypsum with an infrared heater from 40 °C – 180 °C and quartz heater up to 360 °C.
  • ULTRA X 3081WQ up to 360 °C for determining the pure metal content of e.g. brass chips.
  • ULTRA X 3011Q and ULTRA X 3011HQ up to 600 °C for determining other substances where extremely high temperatures are required.
  • ULTRA X 3081 also available with larger weighing capacity e.g. for synthetic granulate, wood chips, grasses, silage etc., with a stainless steel drying bowl 245 x 120 mm.

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