The optimal packaging for ULTRA X moisture tester

Please use the original packaging.

If this is no longer available, use a large cardboard box and pad the unit inside the box well so that it is protected against collision.

The cardboard box should be large enough to leave a gap of at least 5 cm between each side of the unit for packaging.

Rigid foam rubber or PE foam pads are the best material to use for packaging as these should not move during transport.

Polystyrene, loose packaging chips, paper and cardboard are not suitable.

Packaging chips can also be used, if enough chips are placed around the unit in one or more bags. However, the cardboard box then needs to be larger.

a&p instruments | Packaging
a&p instruments | Packaging

Empty packaging

To be on the safe side, you can also request an empty packaging from us, in which you can send your device safely.

The empty packaging consists of:

  • A box
  • A piece of packaging foam to protect and fix the device
  • PE foam upholstery corners to reduce impact
a&p instruments | Empty packaging