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new a&p-website with an improved product overview

In order to make it easier for our customers to get an overview of our products, we have relaunched our website. Now up-to-date in a clear shop design. Each product is illustrated in detail, provided with a download data sheet, brief operating instructions, the technical data and an overview of useful accessories.
Have fun looking through our products.

a&p instruments | News | Form follows function

“Form follows function“

The everyday suitability of our laboratory equipment is proverbial and therefore popular all over the world. In conversation, our users often praise the clear and easy-to-maintain design with intuitive controls, which, without lengthy operating instructions, ensure that you can quickly find your way around the devices in everyday laboratory work.

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a&p moisture analysers have gone through a long history and an interesting product development. We document this impressively on our own landing page on the subject of moisture determination. At feuchterbestimmer.de you can have a look and learn interesting facts about this important and versatile field of chemical analysis.

a&p instruments | Moisture analyser ULTRA X 3011HQ

ULTRA X 3011HQ – Dries up to 600 °C

Our special device UX 3011HQ from the 3001 series is the only moisture analyser with which you can dry at up to 600 °C and is therefore ideal for determining the moisture content in almost all temperature-insensitive materials.

The principle of operation is drying with simultaneous weighing, the weight loss is displayed in %. The moisture analyser is particularly suitable for operation directly at production facilities and in the laboratory.

For more information, take a look at the product PDF or simply contact us.

a&p instruments | Moisture analyser ULTRA X 3081WQ

ULTRA X 3081WQ – the professional among moisture analysers

Our special device ULTRA X 3081WQ saves you time and money. It determines the exact proportion of moisture in metal chips and thus helps to evaluate the actual raw material. You can only benefit from this.

Most and largest processors of brass and machining waste across Europe, as well as recycling companies, use the moisture analyser ULTRA X 3081WQ to check the chips for adhering greases and coolants.

The special feature of the ULTRA X 3081WQ: The large drying bowl, the weighing-in option up to 400 g and the high temperature up to 360 °C.

Did we spark your interest? The a&p instruments team will be happy to advise you further. Just talk to us.