Incinerator ULTRA X 052

Incinerator ULTRA X 052

Rapid incinerator for individual samples up to 610 °C, an inexpensive alternative to the high-temperature furnace, for incinerating all materials and determining the ash content, organic substances and the residue on ignition.

The operating temperature of max. approx. 610 °C is preselected via the menu. 2 heating levels with different heating power and times can be set. Depending on the type of material to be burned, the typical ashing time of a 5 g sample is generally between 8 and 15 minutes.

The ashtray ULTRA X 052 has electronics with an LCD display and 4 pushbuttons for going through the menu and setting the heating levels.
The set time is shown on the display. A control lamp automatically switches the device to the 2nd heating level. After the entire time has elapsed, a signal sounds and the heater is switched off.



Almost 70 years of experience with innovative technology forms the basis for the ULTRA X moisture analyser. Precision weighing technology, simple operation, good functionality and design and a robust structure are combined in a practice-oriented manner.



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Foil press | part no. 1000062
For forming aluminum foils with a diameter of 130 mm. The stamp of the film press can be used to form trays with a height of 23 mm and a diameter of 85 / 95 mm.

Aluminium foils | part no. 100017
130 mm diameter, 0.03 mm, 1000 pieces, available from stock.


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  • Wastewater treatment (sewage sludge analysis)
  • Chemical industry
  • Special glass manufacturing
  • Papermaking